Everything about CBD rubs

Everything about CBD rubs

Whether you are an athlete or fitness fan, pain and soreness can result from working out. Maybe you brush if off and ignore it, but you don’t have to! Luckily, there are CBD rubs available to help ease muscle pain and stiffness. The best part is, they usually work wonders for every body type.

What is a CBD rub?

Our Full Spectrum CBD Sport Rub,  is a fragrant topical oil infused with CBD extract. Some of the more common ingredients in our formulation include: menthol, spearmint and cinnamon. These ingredients work together with CBD to relive muscle pain. Rubs are not only good for muscles, but joints too. Our Arti Rub combines anti-inflammatory ingredients with CBD and frankincense to help alleviate joint pain, right at the source.Majestic Roots CBD sport rub on a white background

How do CBD muscle rubs work on the body?

Topical CBD rubs work by being applied directly to the affected area. Once the CBD is absorbed into the body, receptors of our endocannabinoid system are activated and relieve the inflammation, effectively stopping the pain. Full spectrum rubs contain no more than .3% THC but this amount is not psychoactive and will will not make you feel high. However, it has been shown that cannabinoids work better in combination with other cannabinoids. This is called the entourage effect.

Majestic Roots Arti Rub on a white background

Will they work for you?

If you are considering using a CBD body rub, as with any new product, do your research. You should be looking for a product that is full spectrum and has the ingredients clearly listed. Do a spot test and wait 24hrs before slathering your whole body and stop using it if you notice a strange reaction.  The good news is, our rubs are pesticide free, non-GMO and organic wherever possible and all of our ingredients are listed directly on our site. That means that you can be confident that what you are putting on your body is safe and effective.

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